Monday, October 3, 2016

#IMMOOC Creating a Culture of #Learners

Loved the What if? section of Part II- The Innovator's Mindset.  Specifically I liked the question, What if schools operated as if we should all be "learners," as opposed to students being the only learners?
Wow, how did I get to be in education for over 20 years and not have someone (or myself) pose that question before recent years?  I realize education NOW is operating under very different conditions as opposed to the past, but it still seems like an obvious thing that hasn't quite been happening everywhere- the notion that we are all learners and adults are modeling that for kids.

I'd like to know where the teacher credentialing programs stand with this notion, and if things have started to shift there with respect to preparing our future teachers to facilitate learning in their future classrooms.   Is The Innovator's Mindset required reading for every teacher prep program and further- every Admin credential program?  Because I feel like that should be a thing.

Thankfully, I have a superintendent who believes in learning and believes in teachers and administrators leading the way, and our district is working on shifting everyone to that same page.  We are asked to improve just one thing this year- learn one new skill and master it.  I have a couple things in mind.

First, I wanted to get back into blogging this year-and #IMMOOC has been a great catalyst for me to get that going- and now it's very exciting to be connected to all these OTHER blogs that have started, too.  I hope people keep up with their blogging long after the #IMMOOC has officially concluded.  The unofficial conversations and insights should continued to be shared.  Secondly, I want to practice and really master the creation of sketchnotes.  I know there's a lot of power behind putting visuals with text and that comprehension and retention increases.  I feel like sketchnoting can be a great way to display an agenda meeting, or meeting minutes....a curricular unit, a goal, a professional learning plan, a summary of a reading, practices/policies- and so much more.

What do YOU choose, as one thing to improve upon or learn?  What's your goal for increasing your own capacity/skillset?  I'd be interested to hear!

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